Wake Up New Britannia!!
      With Woftam and Selene

About Wake Up, New Britannia

Join us Saturday mornings on Radio Free Britannia as we bring you contests, games, prizes, news, interviews, and whatever else we can come up with!!!  Here's a little more about the Wake up Team....

Regular Events:

  • Lost in Novia aka ​"Where's Baldo"
  • Selene's Top 5 of the Week
  • New for New Britannia
  • ​"Who Are You?" Community Interviews
  • Woftam's Secret Sound


The lovable clown of Wake Up New Britannia, Baldo enjoys long walks through Novia, soaks in the hot tub, and generally avoiding anything that resembles work.


The official Bunny of Wake Up, Selene  enjoys running fast and exploring New Britannia (mainly trying to find Baldo.).


Woftam spends his free time fighting the plague of spiders infesting New Britannia and searching the world for sounds to surprise and delight each week for the Secret Sound.